Thursday, November 16, 2006

Opera v. Firefox, GDrive

Some guy with a name that I can't pronounce decided to compare features in Firefox extensions with Opera default options and widgets. Then he did it again. Then some other guy with a name I also cannot pronounce did it for the 150 most popular Firefox extnensions. Northern Europeans have nothing but time on their hands.

Also, this thing brings you closer to GDrive/Gmail as a hard drive/virtual computer/etc. Again, I don't advocate using your e-mail account as a hard drive per se (especially if GDrive comes to fruition), but it's worth bearing in mind for those who are already storing a million files with Gmail. Use with caution, don't blame me if it doesn't work like you want. See also the Gmail Space Firefox extension, and Gmail Skins for some features that are purely aesthetic but some that are also functional.


Tim said...

Interesting. I tend to think of Firefox's extensions not as "things they forgot to add, but hey! Opera already has them!", but rather a more easily customizable way of setting up a browser. I like the fact that I can choose between Tabbrowser Preferences and Tab Mix Plus extensions.

I also love the way the comments suggested adding some features to Opera: "Just edit this .ini file, and..." To me, the ease of adding extensions is what makes Firefox so nice.

Anonymous said...

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