Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The essence of live music.

I know I've already mentioned this to a few people, but there is a nice French music blog that produces videos of live and candid performances, including Low (#46), Sufjan (under MusicNOW, #50), My Brightest Diamond (#16), David Bazan (S08), and others. They all have a raw and homemade feel to them, which, if I may add, is my favorite kind of music-making.

Most of them.

A few more.


Monday, June 4, 2007

Resemble Anything?

Next time the pictures in a fast-food ad make you hungry, visit this reality check.

Homemade music videos

Are almost always awful: 84% of them are anime, 7% are home movies, and the rest are tolerable. Here are two that are enjoyable and, as an added bonus, typographical:
(Video: 56k, watch!)

Morocco has two options

  1. Stop throwing hundreds of millions of dollars down the drain occupying others' land.

  2. Keep their own citizens from being flushed down the drain themselves.